Paint and Materials Cost

​I generally charge in the ball park of $800 + the cost of base coat paint for a tank and two fender set (including side covers). This is a solid color (pearls, solids, and metallics are okay). Base coat paints (color) can range from $80 for a basic solid or metallic to $500+ for candies and expensive pearls. The base labor charge includes cleaning of your parts, light body work (dent and scratch repair). Light fiberglass and plastic crack repair. Sanding, primer, and other prep. Paint work. Color sanding and buffing/Polishing. No extra work is required. You'll need to bring me the disassembled parts (dirty is okay) and you will receive freshly painted parts ready to be installed. 

Materials used (also included in main labor charge) are: automotive cleaning detergent, sanding disks and supplies, epoxy crack filler and repair, bondo and body filler, feather fill, 2k epoxy catalyzed primer, guide coats, urethane reducers, dust tack cloth, solvent based cleaning materials, lacquer thinner and gun cleaning agents, paint sticks and strainers, carbon mask filters, water/oil in line air filtration, color sanding supplies, various stages of 3m compounds, show grade buffing pads, micro fiber cleaning cloths. 

Two tones and pin striping drive the cost up. The drivers of the cost increase for pin striping is in the paint work and not as much the striping. When pin striping is added to the job, the parts are painted and cleared. They then cure (harden). The clear coat gets sanded down and pin striping is added on top of the clear coat. Then an inter-coat layer of clear is added. The inter-coat clear is cured and sanded down. A final clear coat is then added and then color sanding and buffing. The labor of pin striping is mostly in the extra days in the paint booth with clear coat application and sanding.

If you're out of state or out of driving distance to Sacramento California, I have discounts on shipping both ways. Just send me a message and we can work the details out. I can accept payment (after the job is completed) via cash, PayPal, or credit card + CA sales tax & 3% fee. 




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